For the last thousand or so years everyone in the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa have voted for ALL the candidates running for the board no matter what area.

This year for the first time the trustees will be elected from JUST their own areas. 


These are the 7 areas =7 board members 


In addition to running miles during the week, and having four children, Michelle is running for the Nmusd School Board in Area 5. Michelle is a life long resident of Newport Beach. She has a background in business, and is heavily involved with Pretend City Children's Museum, Girl Scouts, and the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) . She's also PTA President of her Children's school. Find out more about Michelle right here: 

Because I think that we get few chances to actually see and hear the people that we are going to vote for or against, I think it's important that we are given that chance as often as possible. So here is a chance.... Sandy